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feel it.

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Name: Sara Flyckt

Age: 35 years

Career: UX designer and content writer

Projects: Podcast: "En Enda Sörja", App: SORGCOACHEN & webpage

Loves: Nature, animals, reading & creative writing like poetry



Phone: 070 142 88 22



Address: Baggetorp 3, 611 91 Nyköping



Secondary Education

Wenströmska gymnasiet 2007

Samhällsvetenskapsprogrammet Data/Media (Computer and media)


Mälardalens Universitet 2011

Text & Informationsdesign

(Writing & Information design)

Stockholms Universitet 2015


(Interaction design)


Drivers license





Knowit Experience Stockholm 

UX designer, Content Writer

Juni 2015 - Oktober 2022

Experience in years: 3 - 4 years





It was actually just a split second of my life, and then it all changed. I was learning how to write long, perfect, difficult-to-read technical instructions when I realized, if something had to be explained that bad, something was seriously wrong with it. And just like that, I decided to learn how to make design that nobody would ever have to explain. I've always loved to create feelings with words and now I wanted to be a part of making people feel things with design. Design made just for them. Along the way I realized that my love for words combined with my love for usability, would be my superhero power. I could make it happen with just the one call to action, and just the right kind of words. That's all it would take. And obviously, a hell lot of questioning, brainstorming, remaking and love along the way.



Short term goals: 

My short term goals are to focus on my present now. By that I mean this: I will need to break down every project into smaller pieces. Every part of the project should include goals itself, and therefor every part of the project will get full attention. The end result is ofcourse an inportant part of it all, but let's not forget all the minor steps we have to take to get there.

Long term goal:

My long term goal is more about my part in my workingplace. Obviosly I always want to get better at what I do, but for me it is even more important that the place I work at, will be a little better with me in it. I have a lot of experience trying to work things out on my own, and I've learnt alot from that. My goal now is to try things out on my own by all means, but to ask for support, dare to ask questions and be brave enough to call out for help when needed. I don't always have to know everything, there is always room for learning new things with the support from others.


The designprocess I've built my experiences from has been as fallows (iterative process): 

Initiate & plan



Design & requirements




User Experience













Tone of voice


Translating Swedish - English



UX writing


Groundrules for writing accessible and basic knowledge for WCAG



Time rapports

Mentor support

Drivers license



Design: Figma (prefer this program), Axure

More: Adobe, Windows, Slack

Backlog: Jira



feel it.

You can have it all planed, like a detailed five-year plan, or ten years even. But life will still happen to you. Someone you love will die, or there's a war across the lands. Maybe you get a lifelong disease or the world hits a pandemic. In my case, it was all at once.


My daughter died from cancer in the middle of the war of pandemic. I thought I was going to die too. But I stood up again, knowing my grief would walk along side with me to my last breath, and I turned it into another one of my superhero powers. I can feel it. It's like my eyes are wide open and I get it now. I see the world differently. The filter is gone. Reality hits me and I know, that everything around you can crumble in a minute and that's when emotional design really can mean something. When your life is upside down and you need that little piece of your life to just pass along smoothly. That’s really when that digital design has to understand you. Be there for you.

And I need to do what I can do, to support humanity in the world of grief and war. I need to be the love behind the screen. The one that makes it all as easy as can be. So, when life hits you, at least one or two things will be easy. 


Because you might not believe it, but even after war life goes on. The sun rises again and you still need to go to the dentist, you still need to pay your bills and the coffee machine will break at some point. And there it is, that digital world presenting you the options to ease what can be eased, in a world where life will happen to you – no matter what you do. I can’t ease your pain, but I can create design that holds you through the shit you gotta do when everything else falls apart. The shit that needs to be done no matter what.

I can feel it.

And I can feel you.



it happen.


Role: UX designer

Place: Clients office

Projects: Accessible and usable form for where you rapport sickness of child and interactiv calendar

Tasks: Sketching, Workshops, Wireframes, User Testing

Difficulties: The bounderies of what was allowed, the limit of the styleguide and the amount of time spent in meetings.

Learning vouchers: Ask twice if you don't understand and make sure to have close communication with the person who knows the rules.


Role: UX designer & Information designer

Place: Clients office and inhouse

Projects: New website and a take on all the heavy information

Tasks: Analysis, Workshops, Sketching, Wireframes, Navigationstructure, Effect map, copywriting, guides for writers, SEO

Difficulties: The heaviness of information, how to decide what to reuse and what to remake. The navigationstructure for all that information.

Learning vouchers: Paris wasn't bulit in a day, break down the bigger tasks into smaller ones.


Role: UX designer/information designer

Place: Inhouse

Projects: The website needed a retake and the heavy information needed an update and over all the site needed to have a tone of voice.

Tasks: Workshops, Brainstorming, analysis, guide & tone of voice

Difficulties: Finding the right tone of voice fpr the entire website

Learning vouchers: If possible, don't just hand over the guide for tone of voice, also make sure to help them with content and educate the editors so the tone of voice becomes clear to everyone.


Role: UX designer

Place: Inhouse

Projects: New website for soccerteam with focus on sales

Tasks: Analysis, Requirementsanalysis, riskanalysis, Sketching, Workshops, Wireframes, navigationstrukture

Difficulties: How to seperate womens soccerteam from men and to explaine to the client why it was important not to forget about the womens team

Learning vouchers: Make sure to make the wireframes presentable so you can show it many times during the process, and have good arguments for your design


Role: UX designer

Place: Inhouse

Projects: Pitch & sales for extending present projects, for landing new projects (authorities and public sector) and evaluations as foundations for making a new website.

Tasks: Workshops, Brainstorming, Wireframing, Heuristic Evaluation

Difficulties: Deciding on witch idea to present and remembering what decicions you made based on what designprinciples.

Learning vouchers: Make sure to have a foundation of design reasons to why you decided on a solution so when the time comes, you can defend your design.



Role: UX designer

Place: Inhouse

Projects: They got a new webiste but needed the styleguide for future editing

Tasks: Creating a styleguide in figma of all the colors, links, pictures, lists, content, colors, maps and menues.

Difficulties: To find all the styles from a project I wasn't part of. And to understand all the designdecisions without any explanations. 

Learning vouchers: Communications and questions is everything when you need to understand surtain designdecisions.


Role: Information designer

Place: Clients office and inhouse

Projects: New copy and a take on all the heavy information

Tasks: Analysis, 

Navigationstructure, copywriting, editing

Difficulties: The heaviness of information, how to know that is important for the users and what is more important for the client

Learning vouchers: Gather information from the people who know the information, if possible you should user test the information and the navigation to be sure no unneccessary information is presented. 



Role: UX designer

Place: Clients office

Projects: The insurance company needed new "My pages" including security and forms. 

Tasks: Analysis, sketching, Wireframes, 

Difficulties: Understanding what was possible considering the high security

Learning vouchers: Frequent meetings about the wireframes, if the idea would be doable. 




The world turned into a wicked place, I didn't know if I was supposed to move on from it, or if I was supposed to act like nothing had happened. Neither worked for me. I had to learn to live with the grief and the memories. It was the beginning of a journey where I would find pieces of myself I didn't even knew I had lost. 

The death of my daughter forced me into a road of selfawereness. I suddenly realized I had lived my life half. I also learned things about myself, like how positive I am. How adaptable I am. How much empathy I can feel, and how mush understanding I've got for the people I don't even know. I've always been mean to myself, thinking I was never going to be good enough. Now I see what a great asset I am. I give my all and I put my soul into the minds of the users. I want to be there for them more than anything. What I don't know - I learn. And as it turnes out, I am a quick learner who is not afraid to try someting new. 

It all added up to me seeing myself for who I really am, an empathic person, a great UX designer, a skilled writer and a down to earth , positiv human beeing. I'm not fitting into a box, and I don't know all there is to know about myself just yet. Maybe I never will. But I'm cuorious to walk on every step of my way. 

I'm also looking forward to be meeting you. My road was bound to meet yours eventually. I'm sure of it. Cause really, no matter what our connection will lead to, it's nice to get to know you.



Phone: 070 142 88 22



Address: Baggetorp 3, 611 91 Nyköping

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